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August 17, 2009


Carver 4000t
Frequency response 1.5Hz to 60kHz 0, -3dB
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.05%/IHF IM 0.003%/T.I.M. .0%
S/N-IHF A-Weighted 98dB re 2V
MM S/N A-weighted 0.5v ref. 89dB re 5mV
MC S/N A-weighted 0.5v ref. 84 dB re 0.5mV
Dimensions (HxWxD,inches) 19 x 6.75 x 8.5
Comments 11 lbs

Under all those controls is, first and foremost, one of the finest audio preamplifiers in the world. Although the 4000 she can combine as many as five separate sound enhancement functions, (plus precise shelf equalization), it begins as a fine "straight wire" preamplifier. Dedicated to perfectly reproducing musical signals without a trace of distortion.
Phono cartridges are sensitively handled. The Carver 4000T phono section lets you match virtually any cartridge to the ultra sensitive phono pre-preamplifier stage where infinitesimal pulses from your cartridge must be perfectly translated into higher level voltages. Along with adjustable capacitance to perfectly match the 4000T with your cartridge/cable load, specially shielded circuitry helps eliminate major sources of noise and distortion before they can be passed along to the rest of your system.
As the signal passes through the successive 4000T stages, it retains fidelity to the point where 1 W of real-world output results in just 0.000000251 watts of distortion with no overload and within one decibel of the theoretical noise floor of modern cartridges.
A superb range of controls. There are separate tone controls for each channel with a choice of frequencies and a defeat position for flat response listening. A 12 dB infrasonic filter eliminates speaker cone flutter and distortion caused by warped records, acoustic feedback and tone arm resonances. Full dubbing(copying) is possible between two tape decks. A separate headphone amplifier allows private listening. You can instantly check speaker and cartridge phasing with a stereo/mono switch. You may mute speakers instantly to change records or answer the phone without affecting volume settings. Add sound processors and switch them from the front panel.
Sonic Holography at the touch of a button. If you have just read the previous page, you know that sonic holography is a complex process with a breathtakingly realistic result.
Sound will suddenly burst forth higher and wider than your speakers. Closer and farther back than ever before -- even to the sides of you and behind! Instead of a tiny window, the sound image is a giant panorama, freeing you from the rooms dimensions. Without special speakers, you can bring into focus each row of the Symphony musicians. Often you'll hear each player in a section. The effect on pop, rock and country music is dynamic and exciting with the feeling of immediacy and involvement which no two-dimensional playback system can achieve.
Surround Sound restores the hall. Just as sonic holography deepens the frontal hemisphere(the half circle in front of the listener), so the 4000T's surround sound circuitry completes the circle of sound, enlarging psychoacoustic room dimensions to nightclub, concert hall or even cathedral proportions. It works by presenting the ear with acoustic cues, which it is naturally sensitive to, choose which exists because of the relatively slow speed of sound in air. This delay causes the natural reverberation by which we judge the size of a performance space. By creating rear channel information subtly different than the main front stereo channels, you can be transported to a smoky rock or jazz club, a famous performance hall or opera house... even the vast spaces of a lofty cathedral. And yet you still have the immediacy of front row center, even when the walls of your living room have seemingly dissolved into the vastness of Carnegie Hall.
Eliminate hiss with the Autocorrelator Noise Reduction System. Tape recordings, vinyl, AM & FM, the thousands of CDs transcribed from analog masters and even the rest of your electronics inevitably add hiss to music. Eliminating this final veil between you and reality is achieved in the 4000t with a special circuit, which discriminates between random noise and musical information. It strips away hiss, from 2 kHz to 20 kHz. In addition, non-random, low frequency noise such as hum and rumble are removed by a level sensitive dynamic filter operating exclusively below 200 Hz.
Turn video into pure excitement. Needless to say, the complete 360 -- degree audioscape created by surround sound and sonic holography is nothing short of stunning when used with stereo video signal sources such as VHS hi-fi soundtracks and MTS broadcasts. You will be transported into the movie, with action crashing around you, to and over your head. Yet thanks to autocorrelation noise reduction, quiet parts of a movie or TV show will not be plagued by the hiss that is present on virtually all video soundtracks -- even commercial VHS hi-fi tapes.
The Digital Time Lens enhances many CDs. If you own a compact disc player or have listened to even a few discs, you'll be struck by the surprising dissimilarity in their total and ambient qualities. Carver's digital time lens circuitry turns an innovation into near perfection by restoring octave to octave frequency balance and correcting the ratio of L - R to L + R information. On many CDs you will finally not only hear the greater dynamic range, quietness and richer bass you expect from digital technology, but also the warm musicality, spectral balance and special information which may be lost in the digital process.
Exacting craftsmanship and the finest components. Carver has not stinted on any facet of the 4000t's construction. G-10 glass/epoxy circuit boards ensure electrical stability year after year. 24K gold contacts on all mating surfaces provide perfect signal transfer while sealed, lubricated controls eliminate noise over the lifetime of the 4000 T. High clamping pressure, hot molded external connectors give complete electrical contact. And the metal parts of the 4000t are precision machined (not stamped) for the heft and weight of absolute quality.
A complete instrument for the enjoyment of music. With sonic holography, surround sound, auto correlator and digital time lens, the Carver 4000t presents you with the rare opportunity to enjoy truly realistic sound reproduction. It gives control over the finest nuances of the listening process and allows you to add (or delete, add your wish), remarkable sound enhancement circuitry... yet the Carver 4000t still maintains a place among the finest "purest" audio file preamplifiers on the market. Audition it today at your Carver dealer and hear the best of many worlds.

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