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Carver Amplifier and Carver Audio Product Specs and Information
December 27, 2009


8-ohm FTC rated power/ch 600W
4-ohm FTC rated power/ch 900W
2-ohm dynamic power/ch 1100W
4/8-ohm FTC rated THD < 0.5% THD
Input Impedance (Line) 5K ohms each leg
Gain 32 dB
Slew Rate 25V/us
Damping 200 @ 1kHz
Dimensions (HxWxD inches) 5.25" x 19" x 12.75"
Comments Connections: Input: XLR, barrier strip Output: 5-way binding posts, 2 sets/channel
The power amplifier being of two channels, shall deliver 600W into 8? per channel, 900W into 4? per channel. The amplifier shall be capable of providing 650W per channel into a 70 volt distribution system without the need for step-up transformers. The amplifier being of two completely independent power supplies per channel shall be capable of operating from separate AC branch circuits and to provide independent operation with the exception of the series (bridge-mono) mono and the parallel mono operation. The amplifier shall be capable of series bridge-mono operation thereby providing 1800W RMS output into 8?. The amplifier shall have a thermal shutdown system to protect the power devices from over-temperature operation. This thermal protection system shall be self-resetting. The amplifier shall provide input limiting to protect the output devices against short circuits or against non-musical excessive high frequency signals. Each amplifier shall independently shut down to protect against DC offset present at the outputs, or an internal power supply fault. The amplifier shall have slow start up and muted inputs on turn-on. The amplifier shall have a voltage gain of 32dB. Noise shall be at least -100dB below 600 W/8?, A-Weighted, from 20Hz-20kHz. Total harmonic distortion shall be less that 0.5% and inter modulation distortion shall be less that 0.1%. The frequency response shall be less than 0.5dB, 20Hz-20kHz. The front panel controls shall consist of per channel; one level control, one master power switch and one sequence switch. The rear panel connectors shall consist of per channel; 3 input barrier terminals, one 3-pin locking input connector, two sets of dual bind post output connectors, two barrier sequence terminals and one positive locking AC power cord. The amplifier shall provide input configuration switches to allow in rack selection of dual mono, series mono, clip eliminator and 3-pin polarity configuration. A cooling fan with removable filter shall operate on two speeds that is determined by the heat sink temperature. The dimensions shall allow for standard 19* EIA rack mounting. It shall be 5.25" high and 12.75" deep. The amplifier shall weigh 46 pounds. The maximum input current requirements per channel for a 900W output in to 4? shall be 17 amps at 120V, 60Hz. The power amplifier shall be CARVER PT-1800.

• Lightweight – 48 lbs. (PT-2400)
46 lbs. (PT-1800)
• Fully modular dual monaural design (from power switch to AC line cord).
• High efficiency (50% input to output).
• Positive locking detachable dual AC line cords.
• Compact – only 12.75" deep.
• Rugged, quiet, 100 CFM thermally controlled cooling system.
• Compression circuit for long term excessive high frequencies signals.
• Remote sequential power on/off feature.
• Clipping eliminator circuit.

Short Circuit
Excessive high frequency
Clipping eliminator
DC offset
Soft start/input mute
• Separate L/R AC line fuses
Dual power switches
Dual sequence switches
Dual 11 detents level controls
XLR phasing switch
Series mono switch
Dual mono switch
Clipping eliminator switch
Ground lift

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